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 A Gift from Above

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You know those kids you see in the grocery stores? The ones who always get whatever they ask for? The ones who throw fits and scream: "I want that!" The ones you cringe at as you walk by? Well, Celia Meyers is one of those little girls. Which is why when she is no longer an only child, what starts out as magic and fantasies turns into a hellish nightmare for her. But soon, things get even worse when she's convinced her family has shunned her. So she remembers the one person whom always loved her no matter what she did - her old nanny, Millie. But Celia isn't even sure where Millie lives, and finds herself wondering more and more why the nanny left so suddenly years ago.


For You, From Me

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A stunning collection of poetry from various authors both new and established. Covers four different catagories including metaphors and poignant to ensure enjoyability for all readers. Created and dedicated to mothers everywhere!






Old Man Anthology

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Everyone has an old man, and it's time to celebrate yours!

A short collection of short stories by various authors both new and established. Especially made to celebrate fathers everywhere with stories ranging from deeply emotional to uplifting and sentimental.





Coming Soon!

It's not a curse, it's a disease. Hyperglyocious, A.K.A the process of turning into a werewolf, and I'll have that disease forever.

Stolen from home by her newest classmate, Halle Feltcher learns what she believed to be a legend is fact. The worst part is she finds herself caught up in the spin, bitten by a werewolf, and there is nothing she can do to change that. Werewolves and humans collide both searching the same common goal: peace - what they don't know is which side is disturbing the harmony.