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Welcome to the Party Page! You'll see this page appear and disappear from time to time. If there's an online event going on - a contest, a launch party, etc. - it'll be here. If you're on this page, that means that there's an event going on! So, enjoy yourself and look below to see what's happening!

"Happy" New Year Challenge

More and more often, I see people go online just to vent about thier days, spreading their emotions about. Why not? I mean, after all, our complaints are more likely to be heard when they're left online. Our environment often defines our emotions, and this New Year, I'm challenging all of you to make it your New Years resolution to find one thing - just one - that is positive and good about your little area of the world every day for a month (hopefully it'll inspire you to keep doing this longer).


> You'll post your "happy message" to either Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, or whatever your favorite social network site is. Using Twitter? Hashtag your post with #NewGlass.

> Post shouldn't be longer than 200 characters.

> Nothing sarcastic like: "I'm so glad my car broke down today, making me late for my doctor's appointment". We want to look on the bright side of what is around us. In a way, stopping and smelling the roses.

> You don't have to post only optimistic stuff. You can go about your usual grumpitis as you normally do. It's just the one post.

> No skipping days. Everyday you have to post something. Every. Single. Day.

How is this thing going to work?

Copy and paste your posts into a document. You should include the date somewhere around each post. At the end of the month, you'll come back here and fill out this form.


Oh, of course! Everyone who completes this challenge wins. New prizes are being added, so expect this part of the page to be updated by challenge's end. Currently, you get your choice of:

> One of any of the services listed here - http://hpayedesigns.yolasite.com/services.php

> Your choice of an eCopy of two of any of my novels, including the soon to be released novel, Howl.

> More choices coming soon.

Also, for every successful participant, I will be donating 1 (one) dollar to the American Heart Association. And all participants get to download this wallpaper to keep them inspired to keep going.

 Want to be motivated and reminded to post everyday? Sign up for email reminders here -

So embrace your inner humanitarian, put on those goodie two shoes, and get those good vibes gearing to go!

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